Our Services

Our Services

We provide a vast range of services for women. Women are consulted in the development and implementation stage of all projects in order to shape them to meet their needs.

Mentoring Scheme

Our mentoring scheme is designed specially to empower a woman. It offers a confidential and non judgemental service, listening and understanding our women’s needs. We offer specialist advice for women creating an individual action plan. We understand that all women are individuals and help them to rebuild their image and build networks as a way out of crime. We support them to ensure that way out of crime is attainable.

Women’s Centre

KeyChanges Women’s Centre offers a confidential and safe women only environment for those who may be at risk or have experienced the criminal justice system.

All women at the Centre are treated first and foremost as women; it is a judgement free environment and no one is labelled as “offenders”, “drug addicts” or “victims”.

The Women’s Centre can be attended as a drop-in or to access a range of classes and training opportunities. Please see attached timetable for details.

Download the Community Hub Timetable


An educational presentation facility is available to raise awareness of women’s issues and needs in the criminal justice system. Women have often entered the criminal justice system from an abusive background and we are able to give case studies and statistics to support anyone who would like to understand more. The presentations are currently provided to Universities and support agencies around Sheffield. National support agencies can also use this facility.

What Women Want Training Salon

What Women Want salon is run by KeyChanges. All Profits made are given back to the charity, in order to expand the programme’s beneficiaries and the range of services provided. The in-house salon was established in response to an ever-growing demand from clients for recognised qualifications and for real employment experience in a non-mainstream environment. The training salon provides fully accredited City and Guilds courses for women, enabling them to gain training of the highest standard and to deliver a professional service to customers. Women are empowered and encouraged to gain specialised skills, to feel part of the local community, and to develop their own client base.

PAT Testing

KeyChanges now offers a Pat Testing service. This service offers extremely competitive prices to charities and local businesses. All monies made will be put back into KeyChanges enabling us to successfully continue to tackle equality for women by training and support their return to the work place.

01 - 40 items £45.00
41 - 75 items £65.00
76 - 100 items £75.00
If you exceed 100 items any items after that will be £0.75 per item. Anything exceeding 500 we will charge £0.60 per item.
To book an appointment please call Michelle: 07853299814 or Contact Us

Social Enterprise Services

Our social enterprise services are designed to create employment. All monies raised through these services go towards securing employment for women to gain access into the job market.

Social Enterprise Services