About Us

About Us

KeyChanges was created to tackle some of the social injustices that still exist today for women in our society. We recognise that entering the criminal justice system can have a life-long effect on women and their families; they are often left to deal with the stigma of having a conviction for the rest of their lives. We understand this impact upon the woman and supporting them back into the community is central to our vision.

We start this process by empowering a woman and instilling a sense of self- belief. We understand that self-belief often comes from where we feel we stand within our community and from our backgrounds. We walk beside a woman to try and put her failures to where they should be - behind them – whilst looking forward to build a better future.

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Our mentoring scheme is designed specially to empower a woman. It offers a confidential, gender-specific and non judgemental service, listening and understanding our women’s needs. We understand that all women are individuals; we help them rebuild their image, build supportive networks and a new life. If they return to prison then we don’t give up on them. We continue our support.

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